Toot the tiny tugboat

Toot’s Harbour App Released!

Toot’s very first official app has been released and is ready for little ones to play!

Toot’s Harbour is an exciting open world exploration game for buoys and gulls preschool age and up, where little ones can drive Toot around the Harbour to meet his friends, play games, tow boats and collect rubber duckies and starfish along the way!

toot's harbour app

Toot’s sunny seaside world is brought to life in this immersive 3D experience, where you can hear the surf lapping the beach and seagulls squawking overhead as you sail over the rippling sea waves.

Using the authentic music and voices from the television series, the game provides lots of payoff and colour for little ones, with rewards and sparkly stars for helping Toot around the Harbour.

And don’t worry: Toot’s Harbour is completely child-friendly, with no in-app purchases and nothing to take little ones outside of the app.

Toot’s Harbour is available now for iOS devices for £2.99, and you can find it by clicking the App Store button below. We hope you and your little ones enjoy it!