Toot the tiny tugboat

Toot’s Race App – Coming Soon!

We’re very excited to reveal that Toot’s brand new preschool app ‘Toot’s Race’ is going to be released for iOS next week!

In the game, little ones can race Toot against other boats from the Harbour in a thrilling chase around four different tracks. Whether it’s around the Harbour, alongside sunny beaches or through icy winter waters, the characters banter with each other and jostle for position while players collect sparkly speed boosts and avoid obstacles like seaweed, beach-balls… and a giant whale!


Additional features of the game include original dialogue from the official Toot voice cast, two different play modes to choose from, lots of rewards and colour for little ones and dual language options (English and Welsh). ‘Toot’s Race’ is also a completely child-friendly app, so there’s no third-party advertising or in-app purchases to worry about.   

Created by award-winning children’s app developer Thud Media and inspired by Toot’s television adventures, ‘Toot’s Race’ is the latest in the series of Toot the Tiny Tugboat apps, and is set for release in the App Store on November 12th 2015.

Be sure to check out Toot’s official Facebook page for updates – and look out for an app giveaway coming very soon!